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New Collection:
Made For Home

I’m so happy to announce this special new series of artworks that I’ve named Made For Home. This is an incremental release of large original works conceived and crafted over the past twelve months. 

Many of you know I also work in architecture - you mightn’t have known our studio focuses on meaningful residential design: thoughtfully curated homes for peace and rest, each design decision informed by a connection to nature. 
I have been curious to explore art pieces developed in congruence to our studio's architectural philosophy — artworks slowly and intentionally created to belong in living spaces.  Each piece is created with a base of ink, watercolour and textured impasto over natural linen, layered with crushed Australian minerals and 24K gold leaf.

This collection's texture and colour palette is reminiscent of -- and in part comprised of -- the earth and water in South East Queensland.

These are objects of pure joy -- my hope and intent is for them to invite a sense of calmness and groundedness to your space. 



My work has naturally diverged into two distinct avenues - commercial illustration, and larger originals to enjoy in your home, studio, or work space. By articulating this distinction I can put more energy into the technically nuanced differeneces of each, and keep exploring the unshakeably enjoyable process of image-making. 

Seeking a curated artwork for your interiors? Get in touch here.

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