Georgina is an artist with a background in design and architecture. Born and raised in the tiny towns of Dorrigo and Alstonville – two beautiful waterfall and rainforest-rich mountain regions of New South Wales, Australia – she is drawn to open space and natural phenomena.

As a contemporary visual artist with a distinctive style, Georgina has secured commissions ranging in scale and scope from artisanal to corporate.

Among her clientele are Lexus, Adobe, Faber-Castell Australia, Strathmore Artist Papers, Sydney University, Micador for Artists, Daniel Wellington and Modify Watches. Her work hangs in homes and offices across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North America, Europe, the UAE, and the UK.

Studying architecture allowed her to fuse a creative passion through design with practical skills – in the architectural field she hopes to synthesise art and innovative, sustainable design schemes. Georgina believes the role of architectural design should expand into the wider social and political sphere to make a positive impact; all those involved in building design have a responsibility to consider our quality of living through well-designed spaces. 

She holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design (Architecture) from Griffith University, Queensland, a Master of Architecture from the University of Sydney, and was an erasmus exchange student at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TUe), in The Netherlands. 

Georgina currently lives and works in Brisbane, Australia, with her husband Phil and their Golden Retriever, Muddy.