Architectural Projects

Your Sol Alias: Crepuscule Observatory
Watson’s Bay holds a poetic gravitas - it is both the stark edge of Australia’s massive landform, a jagged, exposed cusp of billions of years of geological sediment, and one of the first areas of Australia the dawn rays touch. All architectural instances upon the earth are another ephemeral layer of sediment; a manmade, forced authigenesis fated to eventually erode alongside the earth upon the planet's surface. As both intellectual retreat and heuristic naked-eye observatory – the Crepuscular Observatory aims to indulge human thirst for knowledge, catalysed through Constructivist structural ideologies, immersive, heuristic spaces, and phenomenal scales.
Broken Hill Archives
In 2015 I worked in an intimate, multidisciplinary team on a project for the Broken Hill City Council. With one other architecture student, two heritage architecture students, and an engineer, we discussed solutions to re-organise and re-design a space for the ever-growing collection of Broken Hill's archives. We were contacted later in the year to present our ideas at the BHCC's final meeting of 2015.
Other Group Members: Sheng Li (architecture), Joanna Horton (heritage architecture), Christopher Richards (heritage architecture), and Si Thu Aung (engineering).
St. Andrews Church Extension, Parramatta 
With the exponential expansion of Parramatta's population and development sector, Australia's oldest Anglican church looks toward accommodating thousands of new congregation members over the next century. This calls for new and dynamic spaces for the many community members who utilise St John's on a weekly basis. My design communicates with the revitalised Centennial Square and attempts a sensitive response to the form and materiality of the existing heritage buildings, while responding to the myriad future needs of the Church.
Redfern Kitchen
A Sustainable Studio design situated in the increasingly gentrified suburb Redfern. The site – a thoroughfare parking lot near the Technology Park – was a prime area for an invigorating scheme catering to community functions. My studio partner Sookyan Wong identified a gap in the cultural market – we subverted the traditional German beer hall typology, synthesizing it with Sydney's penchant for slow food, community gardens, and the sharing of culinary skills.
The result: an open kitchen and ancillary rooms for sharing food, skill, and local produce, wrapped in a Glulam timber shell.
Room for a Conversation
An exploration of the detailed and turbulent history of architectural drawing applied to a small and transformative studio project. 
Liepaja Cultural Centre​
Competition entry. The design of a new cultural precinct in the Latvian city Liepaja, an area once used as a military warport during Soviet rule. The building acts as an architectural journey sensitve of the culture's politically turbulent past, transitional present and exciting future. Designed with both sustainability and community enrichment in mind, the Centre aims to culturally and economically improve the residential quarter of the city it is located within, and act as an example of contemporary, smart sustainable architecture in a society screaming for change and global recognition in this rapidly changing century.
Group Members: Peter Antonio Morales Valovirta, Nicholas Simmonds, and Joshua Lyons.
Alliance Française​​

A study of multi-cultural aspects of place within the urban fabric. I took the 19th Century French Impressionist art movement as the conceptual basis for the Alliance Française's new office fit-out in Southport on the Gold Coast. The design considers how a building both fits in and stands out within its environment, while giving back to the community with a surrounding green pavilion.

Chevron Island Green Bridge

With the persistent development of the Gold Coast, there is an equal need for infrastructure that enhances quality of life in the urban sphere. This project called for the design of a pedestrian bridge that promotes green modes of transport, and is not only a passageway between two spaces but an intriguing destination in itself. My design draws inspiration from the gestural human form and works of Santiago Calatrava.


Central Column House

This second year project required a small, universally accessible residence to be designed at the Currumbin Eco Village within the Currumbin Valley, considering all features of a home for 'lifetime living'. The structure is built completely with locally sourced or reused materials. To maximise the potential of the small interior space, partition walls were eliminated and the internal design revolves around a singular multifunctional column. The structurally effective column incorporates an internal water reservoir at the base for water collection and thermal cooling, internal bathroom at 1st floor level, smart-folding furniture systems, storage spaces and a compact kitchenette. The space is fully wheelchair accessible and complies with all Australian standards for universal access. 


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