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So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth
  • So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth




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    • D I M E N S I O N S

      91.5cm x 122.1cm | 36" x 48"

    • M E D I A

      Impasto medium, archival quality watercolour and ink, crushed Australian granite and quartz, layered with 24K gold leaf on linen 

    • F E A T U R E S

      • Luxuriously textured, slowly layered media over natural linen
      • Made in Queensland, Australia
      • Hand signed and dated
      • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity
      • Free shipping worldwide
      • Please note: This item does not come framed

    • R O O M S

      This artwork is intended to bring a sense of balance and groundedness to a seating or conversation area. The palette is intentionally warm and comfortable - a large and low hanging celestial body that softens its surroundings. Hang in landscape, where the horizontality of the piece feels 'quiet'. The artwork title is derived of and an homage to Grimes' record of the same name, the underlying meaning resonated deeply when creating this piece.