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I make part of the team at EVER Architecture Studio in Meanjin (Brisbane) Australia. We are a counter-cultural architectural firm, regarding how we relate to our clients, each other, and our community. We craft spaces that offer a sense of peace and rest to their occupants. 


Selected conceptual work

Your Sol Alias: Crepuscule Observatory
Watson’s Bay holds a poetic gravitas - it is both the stark edge of Australia’s massive landform, a jagged, exposed cusp of billions of years of geological sediment, and one of the first areas of Australia the dawn rays touch. All architectural instances upon the earth are another ephemeral layer of sediment; a manmade, forced authigenesis fated to eventually erode alongside the earth upon the planet's surface. As both intellectual retreat and heuristic naked-eye observatory – the Crepuscular Observatory aims to indulge human thirst for knowledge, catalysed through Constructivist structural ideologies, immersive, heuristic spaces, and phenomenal scales.

Broken Hill Archives
Architectural consulting and design contributions in an intimate, multidisciplinary team. Client: Broken Hill City Council. We formulated solutions to re-organise and design headquarters for the vast collection of Broken Hill's city archives. 
Team: Si Thu Aung (engineering), Sheng Li (architecture), Joanna Horton (heritage architecture), Christopher Richards (heritage architecture). 
Compelling Geometry in Architectural Drawing
An exploration of the detailed and turbulent history of architectural drawing applied to a small and transformative studio project. 
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